So, we put a couple ads out on the local Freecycle boards asking for throw pillows, floor cushions, vinyl shower curtains and comforters. We had five people respond and consequently were able to pick 13 throw pillows up form three houses today! We're going to keep this up weekly to bring in as many free supplies as possible (see The Wish List for things that we're looking for). We send out quick thank you notes to people that help us by donating their unwanted items. I'm hoping that the "spring cleaning" season will aid in our efforts.

However, we're not just relying on free stuff. We'll also be scouring yard sales and thrift stores. Everyone we meet seems to be excited to see how our "recycled, reused, repurposed" wedding will turn out, so we'll definitely post projects as we work on them.

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    Tarah works for Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and has been living in Sacramento for nearly all of her earthly years. She lead a mostly uneventful life, though she always had a love of written, visual and performance art, holds an interest in politics and still can't resist animals.  Josh is a former punk rock musician who is back in college, volunteers with the Sacramento SPCA and blogs about the video gaming industry at 1Up.Com(Electronic Gaming Monthly). He was born in California and traveled around, mostly growing up in  Reno, NV and Southern Oregon.  With his band, he toured the U.S., Canada, and Europe. After the disolvement of his band and a couple years of contemplation, the groom moved from Portland, OR, down to sunny Sacramento.  A month later, the bride found his platonic ad on Craigslist. He was looking for locals who could show him around town, and Tarah knew just the right places to go. The two started a wonderful friendship that blossomed into the unbreakable relationship they enjoy today.  They share strong values for equality amongst people, humane treatment for animals, using diplomacy before voilence, and respectful care of the environment through personal responsibilty and accountability.

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