The ladies and I will be doing either felt or cloth flowers for my bouquet and their corsages. The guys will also create their own boutonnieres, which will have felt/cloth leaves and guitar pick flowers. Although I've seen plenty of fabric flowers made into broaches or hair clips, I haven't seen them as bouquets. I wonder if that's because the fabric tends to flop around or lay down, and if that can be remedied using starch or by dipping them in some kind of glue. I'll experiment with that later. In the meantime, I wanted to give the felt flowers a try. Below is my first attempt. I wasn't looking at any online instructions when I did this and the flower initially started out as flat, stiff petals. I wanted more of a natural look (although flat layered flowers would be neat for an all-lego or 16-bit wedding), so I weaved one thread through each layer, bunching the layer as I went. Next time, I'll try one of the many instructions I found online.

So, I tried making a cloth flower the same way I did the felt one. It's harder to cut he petals with cloth because it constantly moves. I think these come out more delicate and can be made fuller with more petals, but they would definitely have to start out starched.

In these photos, the felt is on the left and the cloth is on the right. I just used what scraps I had (100% cotton), so the colors aren't what we'd end up with.

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